Introducing Release 1.0

Hello and happy August.

We heard so much thoughtful feedback from our beta users over the past month and a half.

Our Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work polishing and iterating on the product based on what you told us.

We are so excited to introduce Release 1.0 to you.

Here’s what’s new for you to check out.

A better Suggested Comment experience.

The top priority on the Idea Board, and the #1 piece of feedback we heard from you, was a desire for Suggested Comments to be easier to find, specific to the code being reviewed, and more succinct.

We listened! As of today…

Introducing the idea of Comment Collections

You can now activate groups of comments that suit your style and work environment. There’s a small but growing set including Coding Philosophies, Common Comments, the AirBnB React style guide, and more.

If you have suggestions for new Comment Collections, please hit reply and let me know!

Comment Exploration + Languages

You can now see our library of Suggested Comments in the Sema Dashboard. Use this to explore and determine if a given playlist is right for you. Comments are also filterable by language. Over time we hope to see if it’s possible to recommend and filter comments based on the language of the code being reviewed.

You can many of these new features in the Suggested Comments tab in the Sema Dashboard.

Code Review Stats on the new Repo Dashboard

Many of you have asked for more visibility into the activity being generated when you, and others in the repo, use Sema.

To that end, we’ve added a Repo Dashboard. It shows how Reactions have changed over the last week and what are the most and least common Tags.

We’ve also included an Activity Log to display all Smart Comments made in a given repo.

Check out the new Repo Dashboard here.

What’s next?

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on these new features. Hit reply and let me know what you think, I’m listening!

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