Codebase Solutions

Sema Codebase Solutions offers comprehensive reports that evaluates the quality of code, code security and third party IP risk.

Our impact

Sema has evaluated over

$82 Billion

in investment value as of October 2021.

Our product
We’ve built the only solution that can:
  • Comprehensively assess code, process and team.
  • Analyze developer quality, not just quantity.
  • Express the results in ways that technologists and non-technologists can understand together.
Use cases
Mergers and Aquisitions.

Buy side and sell side, and post-merger integration.


Get up to speed with a new team in weeks, not months.

Vendor Management Support.

Third party Development Shop Support and Management.

Want to get started
We can’t wait to show our solution to you.

We work directly with financial and strategic investors, and partner with the leading consultancies.

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