Digital Transformation

Reinvent your company in the digital age

Digital Transformation can be an intimidating process. Whether acquiring companies and their technology, or pushing forward with internal initiatives, or both, organizations need the right leadership and the right data to chart their path forward. Sema can help you prepare for complex tasks like team integration, process synchronization, and refactoring initiatives. We combine architectural and line-level analytics, team and process insights in a single solution to help digital transformation executive make informed decisions.

Sema lets you visualize your code quality, developer contributions, and process quality through our SaaS platform. In addition, Sema’s Professional Services team can deliver a customized Health Check report that summarizes codebase quality and provides strategic and actionable recommendations aligned to your business objectives.

Bring your development processes up-to-date

Ensure that your development teams are ready to support and grow with your digital transformation. The Sema Health Check provides a complete analysis of your development processes, including code commit behavior, repository management, and test coverage. Our Professional Services team will work with you to identify the changes you need to prepare for new initiatives.

Evaluate and improve code quality

Whether you’re planning to refactor existing codebases, build new products, or both, effectively balance risk and innovation can be challenging. Sema combines architectural quality indicators, line-level metrics and bug density analysis to assess your code quality and quantify your technical debt. Understand how your code quality has changed over time and track your process toward improvement goals.

Build the right team to drive growth

Gain insight into the skills, expertise, and knowledge gaps in your team, so you can optimize development power and better align hiring strategies with your new initiatives. See which developers are committing the most code, where their areas of expertise lie, and understand file change patterns and last touch line level file changes for every developer