Post-Merger Integration

Gain a holistic view of your new engineering organization, track process alignment and speed up best practice sharing

Taking ownership of a codebase and team, with its accompanying technical debt, bugs and challenges, can be daunting. Sema helps you quickly assess the state of a newly acquired codebase and gain a full picture of how the development team has been operating. Make faster, more accurate decisions about talent retention and knowledge transfer, and uncover any pressing weaknesses in the codebase.

Sema helps you take back time and mitigate costs. Be better prepared for complex tasks like team integration, process synchronization, and refactoring initiatives with our team and process assessments. In addition to the Sema Maintenance Platform, where you can delve deeply into code and architectural issues, or monitor team activity, the Sema professional services team, provide periodic Health Checks. Using our automated analysis, Health Checks offer targeted, prioritized recommendations to help you plan for the future.

Improve Code Quality

Gain a faster, more complete view of your codebase quality. We combine architectural and line-level analytics to provide you with an executive-level view of code quality – without having to review every commit. Track quality metrics over the lifetime of the project to gain a better picture of the state of your code in the past, and monitor improvement goals going forward.

Deep dive into potential problem areas

Identify challenges and risks of integrating new products into your existing solutions. View all architectural dependencies in your project, zoom in on packages or search by name. Identify possible problem areas and see precisely where parts of your codebase are connected, so you can plan effectively for new development work.

Optimize and understand your team

Understand the way your new team has worked in the past so you can optimize your development power by matching the right developers to the right projects. See which developers are committing the most code, where their areas of expertise lie, and gain insight on file change patterns and last touch line level file changes. Prepare for team meetings with the data you need to ask the right questions of the right people and develop effective retention strategies for key players.