Products  Sema Maintenance Platform

Gain the visibility you’ve been missing with in-depth data on product quality and team capabilities.

Decrease the time, cost, and risk of code cleanup.

With Sema Maintenance Platform your organization will gain unprecedented, actionable visibility into the state of your code and teams.

  • View code quality data over the lifetime of your project
  • Visualize the connections and dependencies within your code
  • Understand activity patterns and how your code has changed over time
  • Monitor daily changes to code quality

Quality metrics for multiple languages

Commit analysis insights

Organization-wide project tracking

Insight over time and daily

Executive-level dashboards for daily monitoring

Improved development team performance.

  • Analyze the skills and abilities of your developers,
    so you can optimize resources across teams and projects
  • Identify high performers
  • Better support all team members

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