Rapid Growth

Get your code, teams and process ready

Get a holistic view of your engineering organization’s health as you plan for the future. Sema gives you the data you need to make educated decisions about your code base and teams all in one centralized dashboard. Combine architectural and line-level analytics, team and process insights in a single solution to create the best executive insights. Sema offers a unique combination of our Maintenance Platform, where you can monitor daily progress and deep dive into specific issues, plus periodic Health Checks from our professional services team that identify, prioritize and make recommendations based on your business goals.

Monitor and Improve Code Quality

Whether you’re planning to scale development or already in a rapid growth phase, knowing the quality of your code is critical. Architectural Quality Indicators, combined with line-level warnings, provide potent insights about your codebase. See how metrics change over the lifetime of a project or track specific metrics such as extendibility that are critical to implementing new functional requirements.

Deep dive into potential problem areas

View all dependencies in your project in one place, zoom in on packages or search by name. Identify possible problem areas and see precisely where parts of your codebase are connected.

Find out if your technical debt is holding you back

Our tech debt calculator automatically provides an estimate of labor cost required to bring a codebase up to standard. Incorporating multiple elements including test coverage, bug density, and complexity, our calculator helps quantify your tech debt so you can effectively balance risk and innovation.

The right team to drive growth

Understand the way your teams work, so you can optimize your development power by matching the right developers to the right projects. See which developers are committing the most code, where their areas of expertise lie, and gain insight on file change patterns and last touch line level file changes