Sema Technical Due Diligence

Check out our new eBook, The Coming Revolution in Technical Due Diligence. We cover four key factors that early adopters can leverage for better and faster due diligence.

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Podcast Extract: The “Why?” of Sema

Sema CEO Matt Van Itallie explains why he founded this remarkable company and some of the core philosophies that motivate him and the Sema team.

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Podcast Extract: The “Who?” of Sema

Sema CEO Matt Van Itallie introduces the people behind Sema, a passionate team of researchers, scientists, engineers and organizational leaders.

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Podcast: The Five Ws of Sema

Sema CEO Matt Van Itallie takes listeners through the five Ws of Sema Software – the Who, What, When, Where and Why.

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Sema Sales Study: Eastridge

In the latest in our series of Sema Sales Studies, we take a look at how a San Diego, CA-based company discovered better code quality metrics was a game changer for staff, management and clients.

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Sema Sales Study: Securelink

About 3 years ago, SecureLink began modularizing their monolithic codebase to create more flexibility within their products.

Sema Technical Due Diligence eBook

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Technical Due Diligence eBook

Technical due diligence can finally go beyond development team interviews to metrics-driven code, team and process assessment.

Sema Rapid Growth Data Sheet

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Rapid Growth

Whether you’re planning to scale development or already in a rapid growth phase, find the data you need to make educated decisions about your code base.

Development Partner Evaluations

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Development Partner Evaluation

Working with third-party developers can feel like a black box: you don’t know the team members, you may not be sure the code is up to par, and the development processes are unclear.

Sema Technical Due Diligence

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Technical Due Diligence

Sema provides Diligence teams consistent, meaningful metrics about codebases and development teams to help drive a more focused and accurate technical due diligence process.

Sema Post Merger Integration

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Post Merger Integration

Taking ownership of a large codebase, development team, and all their current technical debt, bugs and challenges can be daunting.

Sema Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Whether acquiring companies and their technology, or pushing forward with internal initiatives, or both, organizations need the right leadership and the right data to chart their path forward.