Codebase Quality

As Easy as One, Two, Three

Sema provides senior management, architects and technical leaders with the definitive set of tools they need to find, fix, prevent and manage technical debt.

Our research and client experience has lead us to identify three leading indicators of high-quality codebase quality — and we are offering a no-cost evaluation of your code against these three leading indicators

Top Three Leading Indicators of Codebase Quality

Finding and fixing technical debt means constant assessment of the health and quality of a codebase. Allows stakeholders to quickly identify risks and “hotspots” — and address them before they frustrate both developers and customers and generate enormous cleanup costs. In essence, the questions about codebase quality boil down to:


How good is your code?

Is your code getting better or worse?

What support do your teams require to deliver the right level of code quality?


Look for line-level technical debt less than $1.00 per line of code.


Look for files-per-commit variance under 50% over the past six months.


Identify coders who have made the best contributions to code quality.