Grammarly for code reviews.

Sema makes code reviews more meaningful.
Smart Reactions
Provide more actionable feedback with Sema’s auto-suggested smart reactions. As you type, Sema will calculate the right reaction for you. Click to override at any time.
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Smart Tags
Quickly summarize your feedback with a carefully selected set of mutually exclusive tags. As you type, Sema will calculate the right tags for you or explore your own.
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Write great comments faster by quickly searching for and inserting pre-written comments from some of the best knowledge bases in the world. And add your own!
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Code reviews are painful and inefficient -
wasting precious engineering time.
For reviewers, reviews are...
  • Time consuming to write.
  • Difficult to write diplomatically.
  • Lost to history.
For engineers, reviews are...
  • Insufficiently thorough.
  • Vary in meaning and actionability.
  • Don’t add up to career value over time.
Better reviews, and more support for the craft of coding,
result in materially more successful companies and products.

Happier Developers

  • Who can better advance their skills and careers.
  • Who have their innate passion for code quality served.
  • Who are liberated to create new code, rather than review or clean up old code.

Better Code

  • More time on building new products and features. Less time on maintenance.
  • Higher developer retention.
  • Higher leverage out of developer time spent on code reviews.
  • Less bugs and more polished products.
  • Higher customer retention.
How we compare.
Encourages collaborative feedback
Code Feedback based on Engineer Wisdom
Works within existing review process
Structured Feedback
Standardized Feedback
Social Graph Development
Skills Discovery
Developing one's craft
Emerging Standard
Sema works with some of the world’s most
amazing companies.
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